MOU between Indonesia Economic Forum and Deep in SEA

As a new global geopolitical landscape takes shape, both Europe and Southeast Asia will be key actors in determining the future of international relations.

SEA, with a population of 600 million people is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Indonesia, with 260 million people and the region’s largest economy, is the de-facto leader of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Europe has long been a key trade and economic partner for SEA. Many European companies have invested in the region and have ongoing operations. But the European public may be less familiar with the dynamism and diversity of SEA, which needs to be addressed.

It is with this in mind that the Indonesia Economic Forum and Deep in SEA have agreed to partner. The Indonesia Economic Forum is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to promote economic and social progress for Indonesia. Over the past seven years, the IEF has worked with senior government officials, business leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, thought leaders and academics to discuss and find solutions to the key challenges facing the nation.

Deep in the SEA, the only European independent media project focusing only on SEA and India, would allow the creation of connections at the political, social and economic level between the biggest Southeast Asian economy and Europe, especially in times in which global cooperation is much needed.

Terms of the MOU

1 Deep in the SEA would proudly become an independent media partner of the Indonesian Economic Forum.

2 The IEF will provide insights and analysis on key economic, political and social trends in Indonesia for Deep in the SEA’s regular podcasts.

3 Deep in the SEA will identify and help invite leading European political and business leaders as speakers for IEF. 

4 Both parties agree to collaborate on other projects that are deemed mutually beneficial. 

Shoeb Kagda                                                                        Mirko Giordani

Founder and CEO                                                                Founder 

Indonesia Economic Forum                                             Deep in the SEA

MOU between The Asian Banker and Deep in SEA

Southeast Asia is a very dynamic region, with very developed social, economic and political systems, but not wholly integrated into each other as the EU is. The Indo-Pacific region is also becoming an important pivot in global politics, as per the confrontation between US and China, which will influence the entire region.

Southeast Asia has a burgeoning young and ambitious population. It is full of opportunities and fully projected into the future. A full range – combining highly developed cities like Singapore and newly emerging markets like Myanmar or Vietnam. It is a dynamic not found elsewhere in the world.

Emmanuel Daniel, founder of The Asian Banker, a financial strategic intelligence firm, and of Wealth & Society, is the embodiment of the rising ambition of the region and has been a top guest in Deep in the SEA. He has demonstrated, through his hard work, to have the capacity to create bridges between the West and Southeast Asia, and this partnership can create further opportunities. The dynamics in the dialogue between Emmanuel and I will present insights that are valuable to our audience.

Our partnership is also a means to enrich the strategic dialogue between Europe and ASEAN countries, at social, political and economic level.

The Asian Banker and Wealth & Society are proud supporters of Deep in the SEA.